Alternative Assets

Alternative asset products have long been used by finance institutions, today they are becoming increasingly popular among individual clients seeking to provide greater diversification to their traditional portfolios. Non-traditional assets can provide access to markets and assets typically not available to individual clients, offering greater portfolio diversification beyond stocks, mutual funds and bonds.

Rare Species Bloodstock Breeding Stud

We are currently planning a rare species blood stock breeding program, providing excellent opportunities within an up and coming industry that is already providing rates of return comparative with other capital markets. Landowners benefit from external capital that enables them to expand their breeding program operation & improve their return on investment.

A lease structure on the currently under-utilised agricultural land may mean clients could anticipate begin sharing in returns without initial costly capital outlay for basic land acquisition. Accordingly, we expect to formulate a growth expansion plan from 2019/20. Consultation is in progress at several sites to develop the necessary facilities.

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time”

Steve Jobs