Annuity & Returns

We take care of the details, so you can enjoy the experience.

It’s a buy-back lease agreement, where you can exercise an option to sell back the contract lease at original face value after a 3‐year(maximum 5-years) period, receiving 6.4% guaranteed annually and depending on market values, receive up to a maximum 30% aggregate return. . . it’s that easy!
Individual contracts start from as little as £5,000 and you can acquire just one or multiple contracts, where we trade the water units on a matched bargain basis, market trading with buyers and suppliers for physical delivery and transport.

Up until now the majority of straight forward income and/or capital growth opportunities have been limited to financial instruments within the capital markets. Our Water Leaseback Agreements provide asset security and the option to realise your asset within a 3-5-year period at your own discretion, no matter what the value and secure a 6.4% annual annuity‐style income.


  • Minimum Term Contract 3 years, with a maximum of 5 years
  • Contract value equals 15p per litre
  • Up to a maximum 30% potential aggregate return*
  • 6.4% annual distributed income yield
  • 100% asset ownership
  • Lease back assurance
  • Fastest growing region in the world
  • Physical asset investment
  • Outstanding growth sector
  • Experienced professional team
  • We provide and secure a defined exit strategy
  • Combining passive income with potential capital growth


*Subject to market rates and fluctuations.


  • You are interested in a contract
  • The min value is £5,000 per contract
  • You elect for the 3‐year Leaseback Agreement
  • You pay the £5,000 bulk water purchase price
  • You receive 6.4% back in cash each year on your contract anniversary
  • After 3 years, you could realise up to 30% aggregate capital return on your investment*

We offer our Clients the financial freedom they desire and are proud of our expertise and past successes for our Clientele. We look at markets where there are shortages or a limited supply of natural resources or land/housing supplies and where there are strong underlying fundamentals in relation to economic growth, economic stability and free market economies, thereby ensuring quality and profitability at every level.

Property Water Leases provide valuable portfolio diversification for your confidence, peace of mind, and financial security.