Our Philosophy

Liberty House Capital’s mission is to create a profitable legacy of enduring significance in the global markets, while applying the same principles of effective property and commodity allocation to promote sustainable human development. We explore an extensive range of locations globally and as part of a fully integrated international property trading group, take considerable pride and satisfaction in determining the very best pathways working towards solutions for long term growth and prosperity.


At Liberty House Capital Group, we not only realise this, we fully embrace our experience. Our integrated approach means that we can identify opportunities globally and understand that owning property or trading property trading rights to deliver the true value of an incredible experience, which people desire and deserve.


We believe ‘enjoyment’ comes more from ‘experiencing’. With the opportunity to own property or trading water rights, that are sometimes out of reach for many on the socio-economic spectrum, or where money can easily achieve income and capital growth, our clients have the opportunity to enjoy the financial freedom goals that they may not have previously considered possible.

Peace Of Mind

Our assets and new developments are fully managed, maintained and controlled by our group, thereby promoting a superior service that we take pride in. This provides our Clients the peace of mind that their assets are in the right hands.