Property Assets

The Liberty House Capital team lead the international property and ancillary development group, partnering on unique ventures and with selected developers to deliver premium projects with a primary focus on equity returns.

We look at markets where there are shortages or a limited supply of land, housing and natural resources, with strong underlying fundamentals in relation to economic growth, economic investment and free market economies, thereby ensuring quality and profitability at every level.  Liberty House Capital takes tremendous pride in our work, whether service, design or architecture. We understand that the quality of construction and the services we deliver play a significant role in maximising the capital growth of assets. We also understand the importance to establish a respectful relationship between a development and its surroundings, to achieve responsible development integration with the local community.

The broad diversity of the assets we offer to our clients have been advised on by the group to promote quality and profitability on all levels.  Our record of income & capital growth, create confidence, peace of mind, and financial security for our clients. Success is not simply about recognising the right opportunities, it’s about acting upon them.