The Opportunity – Water Rights Property Contracts

Liberty House Capital identified significant opportunity for commercial branding to exploit the un-spoilt Australian potential of this natural resource, with significantly aggressive and burgeoning demand from Asia. Modern filling lines accommodating glass bottles and resealable cans offer flexibility and efficiency for rapid changes of brand lines enabling seamless multi product production initially commencing at around 15 million locally bottled litres per annum, without any bulk volume supplies.

Although bottled water is literally everywhere, the quality, taste and drink-ability between waters varies significantly. Our acquired water has a distinctive composition and is of exceptional quality.

We have already successfully negotiated multiple contracts to fulfil a multi‐tier core product strategy.

Product Strategy


Australia’s Western Victoria and surrounding countryside offers abundant rainfall, with existing legal consents for extraction of up to nearly one hundred million litres of purified pristine water. This truly unique water is sourced from deep below the earth, developed from geological processes dating back three million years.

Originating in the desolate purity of the ancient aquifer, the wholly unpolluted rain cloud’s travel and percolate where the catchment is filtered through fine scoria filters where the artesian water flows laterally emerging as springs on the lower slopes and valley floor. As the water descends through the earth, it naturally filters over scoria that is in abundance in the catchment and it is enhanced by the mineral characteristics of the surrounding terroir.

The water has an extremely low nitrate level of less than 2.0mg/L which indicates that it has not been contaminated from the recharge area and is confirmation of the very low impact humans have had in this region. This purity is an excellent selling point.

Artesian Bottled Mineral Water

From 2014 to 2017 due to increasing concern regarding various health problems caused by consumption of contaminated water, the global bottled market grew to over $200 billion following 9% yearly growth, according to the report on the bottled water market from The Business Research Company. In addition to health concerns, rising disposable income also let people in the Asia Pacific region influence the growth of the market significantly. By volume, the market grew by 100 billion litres. The predictions for the bottled water market are above previous expectations. By value, the market is going to reach around $350 billion by 2021, following 10% year-on-year growth.

Flavoured Water

Intended product options will be focused on Still/Sparkling and variants of lemon & lime, mixed berry and orange flavours, thus effectively a range of 8 variations right from the start. A children/kids brand targeting ‘tweens’ with a vibrant, ‘cool’ sassy yet healthy alternative to soda drinks. H2O derivatives like premium tonic water & organic ginger beer are natural options.

Multiple Brands

Innovative packaging includes re-sealable and recyclable materials, transparent sophisticated bottles, and inks and coatings applied on a can to enhance customer experience through unique visual effects along with increasing shelf appeal. The leading bottled water companies in the global market that have a multi-country presence are DANONE, Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi-Co.

Regional Export

 A premium export brand for high growth premium international markets (esp Asia Pacific & Gulf regions)

Craft Distillery Products

In negotiation.