What We Do

Our expertise begins right at the start, with researching and identifying global property hot-spots, areas rich in potential and opportunities for growth relating to property investment and associated water trading rights.

Our uniquely integrated structure allows us to act quickly, from first locating and identifying opportunities, normally undertaking all the planning and approval applications ourselves, right through to construction and completion of each development including any associated water property rights and trading of those rights.

Building Client Relationships

We believe at Liberty House Capital Group in building a unique long-term relationship with our clients. We recognise that a successful partnership must remain active and that circumstances and criteria can change. Some of our developments and associated water trading rights will match your criteria, others may not.


The global property marketplace is continually changing and as such, we must keep abreast of these changes to retain a competitive edge and offer highly attractive options and opportunities for our clients. Our focus is diversified luxury property title ownership and associated water trading rights.


Ownership of diversified title property assets and associated water trading rights provides exclusivity for a fraction of the up front and ongoing costs.

Time Is A Commodity

Leveraging the time value of money … With up to 30% returns on capital over 3-5 years, initial capital is asset backed with a proven track record. Alternative asset products have long been used by finance institutions, today they are becoming increasingly popular among individual clients seeking to provide greater diversification to their traditional portfolios. Non-traditional assets can provide access to markets and assets typically not available to individual clients offering greater portfolio diversification beyond stocks, mutual funds and bonds.


Balancing the value of time and money and offering diversified property opportunities with associated water property rights looks to provide piece of mind and long-term solutions.

We have a selection of many different opportunities to suit all needs, each selected using the strictest guidelines and due diligence processes.